When Panic Sets In

Last night I had a dream. In the dream one of my dearest homeschooling friends was telling me how she needed to learn how to “give up control” and one of the ways she was going to do this was by putting her kids back into public school next year. She was going to just have to “get over” being in control of her kids education. In the dream I started to question everything, my ability to teach all of my kids everything they needed to know, my resolve to continue homeschooling, my dedication. Surly if this mom who I’d looked to for advice and reassurance couldn’t do it I had no place continuing either. Then I woke up…

STILL IN A PANIC.. All of my thoughts immediately went to Jordan, my 11 year old son. When I’m not sure I’m doing a good enough job, for some reason my thoughts always turn to him. I guess it’s because he’s going to be the first one to do everything and the first one that is going to have to prove himself to the   world. I started to go down the list. First is math. I asked myself, Can I really teach him all the math he needs to know. The answer: Yes, I have all the tools to teach him math. The list continued onto literature, science, technology, reading, language, geography, music and history. When I had reassured myself that I have all the tools to teach him these things I started to think more clearly.

This is when I FINALLY started to think of all the things I could teach my kids that they wouldn’t learn in a public school.

I can teach him history by letting him experience places of history.

I will teach him the importance of family, integrity and present him with a moral education.

I will take him to places he’s never been, if not physically then in books, we will see the world together and learn to respect and love other cultures and nations.

We will discover his gifts and talents together and we have time, like we never had before, to develop them

I will teach him what he needs to know because I’m his mother and I know what he needs and when he    needs it. I have an unmistakable sense of intuition that is guiding our every move.

When panic sets in is the perfect time to sit back and realize that we, as moms, to these kids have everything we need and every tool at our fingertips to teach our kids what they need to learn. We are the master Teachers for our kids. No one can do it like we can. I honor each of you who have taken on this endeavor for your family. It’s an amazing journey that I’m so grateful that I get to share with you!