Sick Days

We have been so lucky this year and haven’t been sick at all this year. Until this week!

It’s okay if one of the kids gets sick but not me! I wish I could tell you that I was totally fine with this and just immediately relaxed and went with the flow but I didn’t. I panicked. My husband kept telling me it would be fine for them to miss a couple of days but I was so worried about our routine, our schedule, and how they would learn everything on my plan. I had a really hard time letting go but my body ended up deciding for me. I had to go to bed and forget about all of the “important” plans I had made.

It ended up being a great week! I sat in bed while child by child brought me books to read. They brought them voluntarily, without me nagging! I’m as surprised as you are. 🙂 As each one of them came in peacefully to read with me I was filled with gratitude for each of them. It was so much fun to calm down, stop the race and just be with them. I read whatever they wanted me to read to them. I listened to whatever they wanted to tell me. Sometimes we just snuggled in bed or watched a movie.

I realized this week that I need to relax, to take time to listen and just be with them more often. Homeschooling isn’t about getting ahead, it’s about getting to know the kids one on one. It’s about having the time to teach them individually and having the time to show them I love them and care about who they are and who they are to become.

There are so many mom’s who would love to hear about your sick days. Just comment below to share. 🙂