Selfish Little Reasons I Love to Homeschool #1 (of 3) :)

We can learn from anywhere!

When we first started homeschooling. I was strictly at the kitchen table teaching, reading, writing, everything. I’ve since learned that it is fun to learn and teach from anywhere. We can be outside, inside, on the couch or the trampoline. Of course, I still have a central location where we homeschool but if one day we gravitate to the backyard or the park it’s just as valuable. In fact, I think it’s more valuable because they are having different experiences and broadening their horizons.

There is a second, more exciting piece to this! We can go out of town to anywhere at anytime and take our schooling with us! So far we haven’t traveled very far but in the near future I hope to be able to take these little one’s on adventures all around the world. I can just see how awesome it is going to be to experience different cultures and make friends around the globe!