005: Melanie Ballard on How to Homeschool and What Keeps Her Going

by jenbradshaw, April 7, 2014

Today on The Love to Homeschool Podcast I interviewed Melanie Ballard. I can’t wait for you to hear Melanie’s perspective on homeschooling! Why she does it and what keeps her going. We talked about divine purpose and ways to best nurture that in the home. I went away from this … Continue reading

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4 steps to Controlling the Chaos and Keeping the Peace

by jenbradshaw, February 17, 2014

Step one: Gather together in the morning. Not every one of us is totally organized for the homeschooling day first thing in the morning but gathering in the morning is so important. It halpe youto see the overall picture of what everyone needs for the day. This is a time … Continue reading

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Did you Know? Distance Learning Charter Schools

by jenbradshaw, November 13, 2013

Distance education charter schools are a little newer in Utah than they are in California and other states. They are government funded charter schools that children can learn from online or enroll as a homeschool student to receive resources for homeschooling as well as reimbursements for money spent on educational … Continue reading

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Top 4 Pintrest Pics of the Week

by jenbradshaw, November 8, 2013

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Did you know? Reading aloud…

by jenbradshaw, November 6, 2013

Promotes brain development. Benefits not only young children but our teens and tweens as well. Sharpens Focus Increases Vocabulary Results in Greater Comprehension Gives you an Opportunity to Play Challenges Use of Intonation Improves Listening and Reading Skills Stimulates Imaginations Models good reading processes Exposes students to a range of … Continue reading

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