Creating More Effective, Confident Teaching in the Home

If you’ve ever been asked “how are you qualified to homeschool/teach your children?” this evening is for you. As a Homeschooler for over 14 years & a well-loved professional private school educator for over 10 years, Lauri Updike has experienced a full spectrum of what education opportunities are available to children.

However, all of this experience has only solidified her conviction that mothers are irreplaceable in the home. She recognizes the divine stewardship a mother has over the education of her children & feels it is part of her life’s mission to empower & educate mothers on how to unlock their gifts & the channels of Heaven in teaching their children.

Lauri Updike is an inspiration both in and out of the classroom. Just 10 minutes with her will leave you feeling enthusiastic & capable to do whatever you feel inspired to do in your home. Getting to spend an evening with Lauri will be an unforgettable experience that will bless you & your homeschooling efforts forever.

Come learn practical tricks & tips to more effectively teach in your home, as well as how to tie in that teaching with a Gospel/Christian foundation. Come renew your conviction of the good you are doing in your home & see ways that you can expand that good to reach an even greater potential of connection & retention.

Join us for a powerful night of inspiration & conviction, joined with real tools you can start using effectively in your home right away!

Special Notice:
Usborne books will be joining us this night as well with the brand new release of their “Greek Mythology” children’s series!  Feel free to peruse these special books and take home any that will enhance your homeschool!

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Speaker: Lauri Updike

Lauri Updike was born in Alberta, Canada. She is the oldest daughter of Wilson and Idona Lauritzen. She graduated from BYU in 1971 with a bachelor’s degree in English and German. She is the mother of three sons, four daughters, and six beautiful grandchildren. Mrs. Updike is passionately involved in church, politics, civic affairs, and education. For the past 35 years Mrs. Updike has been an advocate of principle-based education. She home schooled her own children from 1985-1999, took part in a High School Co-op – Christian Co-operative Learning Center from 1999-2002, has been a Teacher Trainer for Utah Boys Ranch, and the in-service Director for American Heritage School. She enjoys the privilege of teaching her scholars at American Heritage School. Each summer she conducts American Heritage Tours for students and their families to Virginia and Washington, D.C. Mrs. Updike loves to read, research, hike, travel and eat cookies.

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