Calming the Storm: How Homeschool has Transformed our Hearts & Homes

We are excited to announce our first monthly Homeschool Chic event!

This event will help mom’s who are interested in having stronger family bonds and more love, peace and harmony in their homes. Who doesn’t want that? Right? We feel like he best way to share this message with you is personally in one of our homes.

Quinn and I are going to be sharing our inspiring stories of why we decided to take the homeschool leap and how it is benefiting our families. When you come you’ll also get to know other mom’s who homeschool or for you mom’s who are on the fence this is a safe place for you to come explore the possibilities and discover how other mom’s right in your own backyard are homeschooling their children. We are going to have yummy treats and a great night of fun, reflection and sharing.

We love you all and know that you are all “homeschoolers” even if you haven’t physically taken you kids out of a schooling institution. We honor and love you and hope to see you Thursday night!

Please email is you would like to come and I’ll send you the address.


Jenny Bradshaw, Co-Founder of

It’s so crazy because I have for so long wondered how I would ever have all of these things
(peace, love, harmony) in my home. I wasn’t able to  slow down and get out of the crazy world all around me and actually take the time to even try to get these results in my home until I decided to homeschool. I want to share with you my vision of homeschool and how it has blessed my life along with my family! It’s not always easy but I really feel that I am finally fulfilling my role as a mother by taking charge of our house of learning. I truly feel like if I can do this anyone can do it. It really is amazing!


Quinn Curtis, Co-Founder of

As a woman with many dreams and talents, I’ve spent many years avidly engaged in entrepreneurial pursuits, all the while feeling I was doing something great for the world and for my family.  However, over the past few months I’ve had a major change of heart: my heart has finally and fully come back home.  I’ve gone from the mother who could barely get through the day without feeling like I would lose my mind, to the mother whose happiest place to be is home.  What changed?  Why would I leave everything else to actively homeschool?  Have I lost my mind?  Come find out on Thursday night!