Calming the Storm Event

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I keep reminiscing on our event last night. So many of you came to share in the vision of Homeschoolchic with us and we are so grateful for you, your input and courage! We love you all! We were so wrapped up in the fun and inspiration that we totally forgot to get out the camera to capture the magic. 🙂

We loved that there were several mom’s who homeschool there and several who aren’t yet but just thinking about it and deciding if they’re ready to take that step. We reaffirmed that mother’s have a sacred responsibility to be present with their children because they are the one’s who receive inspiration on behalf of them.

It was so much fun! We could tell that this is something you all needed. A place to go to meet other mom’s, feel supported in your vision, talk, have fun and share ideas.It was so much fun to have so many of you stay late to talk!

We desire for to be a place where mothers can support individual inspiration whatever that may be. No matter the curriculum you use or the city you live in. We also desire that you can come together to meet so that you can get inspiration in person and ideas from other mom’s who are also present with their children and want the best for them. We love that so many of you exchanged phone numbers and offered to help each other work through problems, struggles and to share successes.

We loved getting to know so many brilliant women who came with open hearts and minds. Thank you for coming and inspiring us!

We hope you’ll join us for next month’s meeting on March 29th in Salt Lake City. We are going to have an amazing speaker and time to get to know even more amazing women!