Ryan found this great website called It’s basically a reward system for businesses but we are using it for our family.

Click HERE to see a little video of how it works.

Even though this was created for businesses we’ve found that our kids have been very motivated by the encouragement of each other. These are sweet little bonuses that help our kids feel appreciated by one another. Even though they need a lot of points to get to $10 they appreciate the notes that they are getting from Ryan and I and from each other.

Sometimes I forget to praise the kids because we just get into the routine. is a good way for me to remember. We are also very specific in our comments when we give a bonus.

Here are some examples of points that have been given out at our house in the last week:

  • Dylan received a 2 Point bonus from Mom: For Reading extra to finish his book #ambition 
  • Ashley received a 3 Point bonus from Mom: for making yummy cupcakes and being patient when she needs my help. #ambition
  • Dad received a 3 Point bonus from Jordan: Stayed at the pool with me and John when everyone else left #responsibility
  • Jenny received a 3 Point bonus from Dad: For bringing me lunch #teamwork

We have set it up so that each child gets 20 points that they can give to us or their siblings. Ryan and I have 40 points to give out for the month.

We’re new at it but so far we’ve noticed an increase in productivity and encouragement between siblings. It’s simple and that’s what I love about it! is FREE for small accounts! Yay! You can check it out or sign up HERE